Inside the Book: Forever Striking a Crucified Pose: Crazy Eights

As in most of the stories in this book, the setting is a place I’m familiar with–Pine Bluff, Arkansas. I grew up there and lived there up until around 1990. I have been back on several occasions to visit friends and family. I don’t think I mention the town within this story. For a small […]

Inside the Book: Forever Striking a Crucified Pose: This is Me Going Crazy

This is me going crazy. That should have been the title of this blog or perhaps even the book. Many parts of this story do have some personal connection to me. I too, like Anthony believed I could fly. I remember right after watching Christopher Reeve star in the original (and I may argue the […]

It’s Bedtime…Somewhere

Back in the rabbit hole, can’t sleep. Words are wanting, needing to be written. Book needs promoting. Isn’t going to just promote itself. And here I sit. Writing, promoting, creating catchy little images to appeal to those who casually scroll on Instagram, Twitter, and FB. I certainly, at least not yet, have not found my […]

3000 Words: Progress

And so it begins… The story I am writing has been on my mind for sometime and actually began it as a script a few years back, but it got shuffled into the “to-do” pile. I reently uncovered it and changed a few details around, and started writing notes about characters and other details late […]