The Impeachment of Donald Trump is not Complicated.

So, hypothetically, let’s say my wife was going out of town on business. Before she leaves, she hands me $600.00 she had loaned to a friend in need. The friend is down on her luck and needs the money to pay for a deposit on a rental property so she can leave her abusive husband.

My wife leaves town, and a few hours later her female friend arrives at our house to collect the loan. I tell her, sure, as long as you do me a favor though.

Now what I’ve done may not be illegal, but it is wrong, dishonorable, abusive, and shameful.

This is exactly what our President did. Congress, in this case, would be the “wife”, I would be the President, and the “friend” would be Ukraine.

It is that simple. Congress holds the purse and appropriated the funds for Ukraine. The president cannot withhold the funds without explaining to Congress his rationale for doing so.

If I believed my wife was in the wrong for loaning her friend the money, I should speak to my wife about my concerns. Yet, if I say nothing to my wife and then use the money to ask for a favor (no matter what the favor is) in return for me giving her the money, I’m in the wrong and my wife should divorce me.

Don’t be fooled by the gaslighting and lies of the Republican Party and Donald Trump, because the case for impeaching and removing Donald Trump from office is not complicated.

Published by Chad Ard

Author, Editor

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