The Case for Moving to Indict the Primary Suspect in the Disappearance of Patti Adkins:

Patti Adkins Missing Person Case

It seems highly unusual in the case of the disappearance of Patti Adkins in July 2001 where a prosecutor would be unable to take this case to a Grand Jury, show probable cause to indict the Primary Suspect and proceed to bring charges against the Primary Suspect and move to trial.   

Defendants are convicted where the evidence is circumstantial every day.  But to continue to allow this Primary Suspect to walk free until the DA’s office has direct evidence is unjustifiable, when perhaps the only way to break this case is to indict rather than wait another nineteen years.

Of course having “Direct Evidence” would be best to proceed with any trial, but after nineteen years in spite of no body, or admission of guilt, it now rests in the hands of the DA to press the matter by making an indictment and perhaps in doing so, press the Primary Suspect to face a jury of his peers and allow them to decide upon the preponderance or circumstantial evidence if the Primary Suspect is guilty or not guilty.

There is enough evidence in the testimony, the supporting facts based on the testimony, and inference putting the testimony and the supporting facts together to not only indict the Primary Suspect, but to posssibly prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the Primary Suspect can be proven guilty in a court of law as being responsible for the death of Patti Adkins. 

Testimony would show that Patti Adkins and the Primary Suspect were in a relationship prior to her disappearance in July.  The defense will argue against this evidence, but would find it near impossible to explain away how witnesses would have any knowledge including Ms. Adkins about the Primary Suspects purchase of the Tonneau Cover purchased by the Primary Suspect prior to June 29, 2001 and picked up the cover he ordered and installed the day Ms. Adkins disappeared if Ms. Adkins and the Primary Suspect were not in a “relationship”.   

The defense would find it difficult to refute the witness testimony that those closest to Ms. Adkins were aware that on the night of June 29th 2001 Ms. Adkins and the Primary Suspect were expected to leave for the week and that to keep their relationship secret Ms. Adkins was encouraged by the Primary Suspect to leave her work station early, exit the plant they both worked, proceed to his truck and hide in the bed, under the cover the Primary Suspect installed the day of the night she disappeared. 

The only defense that could be proffered is that Patti Adkins was stalking the Primary Suspect.  However, this evidence would be refuted by the testimony of the “banker” that Ms. Adkins had withdrawn several thousands of dollars to give to the Primary Suspect. 

The jury would be able to infer based on the witness testimony in regards to the relationship, the Tonneau Cover being on the vehicle, and the banker that the Primary Suspect was not being stalked by the victim, but the victim was being preyed upon by the Primary Suspect. 

The defense team would most likely attempt to infer that Ms. Adkins, a scorned woman, stalked the Primary Suspect and when the Primary Suspect rejected her she set forth to stage her own disappearance in an attempt to frame the Primary Suspect. 

Nevertheless, the DA has to trust the jury to surmise that Ms. Adkins could have taken the Primary Suspect to court and sue him for loans she had given him as opposed to staging her disappearance.   

If in fact the DA of Union County of the Great State of Ohio were to bring forth charges by first indicting the Primary Suspect with a Grand Jury, this would allow the DA to attempt to make a plea with the Primary Suspect on lesser charges of A) pleading guilty to a lesser offense B) enable the DA to stipulate that a plea bargain be accepted only if the Primary Suspect lead investigators to the body of Ms. Adkins. 

However, until the DA presses the matter by first indicting the Primary Suspect, it is reasonable to speculate that the Primary Suspect, unless pressed will ever admit to guilt, and only by pursuing the case in a court of law will the Primary Suspect ever be held accountable, or allow prosecutor’s after attaining an indictment to press the Primary Suspect to negotiate a plea and bring closure to this case. 

Allow the citizens of the great state of Ohio to examine the evidence against the Primary Suspect and allow them the opportunity to hold the Primary Suspect accountable or find the Primary Suspect Not Guilty. 

By not allowing the citizens to do so is a miscarriage of justice.  By waiting on “Direct Evidence” when there is enough evidence, albeit circumstantial, to indict is justice, even if the Jury finds the Primary Suspect  Not Guilty.

Doing nothing however, is wrong most especially since the District Attorney of Union County is the only governing body that can utilize its authority to bring an indictment against the defendant. 

How many more days, years, have to pass before the Primary Suspect is given a fair trial and allow a jury of the Primary Suspects peers to render a verdict and allow the jury to look at the evidence and hold the Primary Suspect accountable, or find the Primary Suspect not guilty? 

Patti Adkins is unable to speak for herself and the only governing body with the legal tools that can speak for her choose to stay silent and wait, and nineteen years of waiting for “Direct Evidence” when there is enough circumstantial evidence to convict is no longer justifiable when perhaps the only closure to this case is by indicting and pressing the Primary Suspect to face a jury and allow them, the jury, the opportunity to render a verdict.

Investigating Agency

  • Marysville Police Department 937-642-3900
  • Union County Sheriff’s Department 937-644-5010
  • Union County District Attorney:
  • Phone(937) 645-4190

Published by Chad Ard

Author, Editor

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  1. I enjoyed your article, I did a podcast a few months ago saying something similar- One of the most confusing aspects of this case is why there is not a substantial reward offered, I believe the answers could be pulled out of the suspects carpool friend.
    I do have one or two reserved questions for Pattis family to remove all doubt.


  2. Why not go after him and his accomplice for ‘kidnapping’ or abduction and imprisonment; thus, leaving murder open for future and not risking double-jeopardy? Then play the two (boyfriend and accomplice) or three (wife) against each other.


  3. I think the circumstantial evidence is more than enough to convict the primary suspect its almost like rewarding him for being able to hide a body alot of people get prosecuted without a body i been following this case for years the DA need to move forward with the case for Patti her daughter and the rest of her family take the chance rather than do nothing! People get prosecuted with much less.


  4. It is astonishing that this case with all its already garnered evidence has not been presented long before now. Cases with far less examples have been tried and convicted and , albeit deemed “circumstantial ” by possible defenders, it is surely time way overdue to bring this matter to trial !


  5. Absolutely disgusting that they have not even attempted to charge this sick goldigging piece of trash. 19 years isn’t enough time to prepare a case I could prepare in a day? If she was a DA or judges’ daughter he would be on death row. Sickening. Ohio should be ashamed. With all of the corrupt and idiotic officials I cannot say I am shocked.


  6. The key element is that there was a homicide, then that it was murder. How can they prove that without a body and without any other evidence that she HAS to be dead ( i.e., too much blood for someone to live, vital brain tissue, etc.). DAs can only file on cases they already believe they can win, beyond a reasonable doubt. Not only is it unethical, can’t encourage them to file on cases just to get plea bargains…that’s how we get false convictions.


    1. His name is in some articles that are floating around still on line. You just need to do a little digging. A_CDE_GHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ.


  7. Great article. Time is passing by, memories may be fading, and heaven only knows when key players (suspect, wife, car pool buddy) could die, along with what they know. Happens every day. I hate to think that the prosecutor could be that inept or incompetent. Perhaps he’s unsure of himself, but, Patti Adkins isn’t here to speak for herself. And, the suspect and the others need to be forced out of their long held false sensed of security and pressured for answers.


  8. I am so glad someone else is disgusted with how completely OBVIOUS it is that her married coworker was the one that murdered her- & what his motivation was for doing so. After looking at the facts, in order to think something otherwise happened, someone would have to believe the most ridiculous amount of planning, circumstances & coincidences had taken place – & believe they had taken place even though they defy all reason, logic, & evidence to the contrary. To start, someone would have to believe that Patti Adkins pretended to be seeing this married coworker, going so far with pretending it that she insisted on unconditional silence from anyone she told about it to keep that fact quiet- for like a YEAR or more. Then they would have to believe that during that same time frame, a few months after when she claimed the affair started, she also began continually cashing out large quantities of her savings & 401k and I guess loaned that cash out to a stranger- but for some reason told some of the people she confided in the affair that she had actually loaned it to him (again believing “him” to be a coworker she was only pretending to be having an affair with). That would have to be the case as no evidence points to that amount of money being spent by her on anything for herself. I mean come on…who else would ANYONE loan that amount of cash to EXCEPT someone who was from that county in Ohio, had a business & children there (so she knew he wasn’t going to just take off with the money), & who you had worked with for years (again like the joke about “Hey, don’t make me come looking for the money you owe me- I know where you work” implies, believing that someone who has worked at the same plant with her and was also otherwise committed to that industry – the auto industry- wasn’t going to go try to work anywhere else & so was, of course, going to pay you back- makes reasonable sense). Additionally, that she somehow knew that he (just a stranger/coworker) was in business with his brother-in-law, & that if he was going to get divorced he would need to buy out their co-managed auto shop, lest his brother-in-law could simply fire him upon hearing about the divorce & affair. Then they would ALSO have to believe that she went on & made up conversations she reported having with this married coworker just a couple of weeks or so before about it being time for him to go ahead & start paying her back- & that he had said he could do that. THEN, that she made up a trip she was to take with him, complete with some strange circumstances surrounding the trip, but also went so far to make it look like she was going on that fake trip to the point of arranging a weeks stay for her daughter with one of her sisters, arranging a week long stay at a kennel for her animals, & finally arranged a ride in to work with a coworker that day so she could leave her car at her house (because she had claimed they were leaving together straight from work). Then they would have to believe that she went to work as planned, was one of the first plant workers to rush to clock out after their shift ended, & walked into the parking lot….& just…what? Walked away from her only child, her great job, her loving family, her clothes, car, animals- with no further banking/credit card/phone activity & no one ever seeing her again? Right…so how come none of the other employees saw her walking down any roads or through the parking lot somewhere? And she would have to have known her sister would be contacting the married coworker after she hadn’t returned in a week, & that cops would go to him looking for her; so someone would have to ALSO believe that she had set up this poor innocent co-worker (that according to what he told police he barely knew, even from work) to look like a suspect in her disappearance.? Oh – & I forgot – they would also have to believe that she had, months before this, gone out of town & bought a Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt from the city she had visited, somehow knew when his birthday was & got him to accept the shirt as a birthday gift (without him thinking that was strange as they didn’t know each other) – & that THAT just happened to not only be one of the rare “girlfriend/mistress” type things she claimed to anyone else that she had dared do for him, other than loaning him the money, to keep him from getting in trouble with the wife….but that the VERY SAME T-SHIRT just also happened to be one of the only physical pieces of evidence upon initial police searches that they found in his home (with a bday card) proving that he had more than just a “barely knowing” employee type relationship with Patti? I mean come on. Oh, & let’s not forget the last ridiculous thing they would have to buy- that she just happened to “make up” a part of the trip details being about her hiding under a truck bed cover while he drove a friend home from work first before they (he & Patti) would be free to get on the road- & COINCIDENTALLY that married coworker HAD just ordered a special cover for the back of his truck & also coincidentally happened to have put it on his truck for the first time driving to work with it on that very day she had claimed she was going to be hiding under it? How would she have known he had JUST purchased one & was going to put it on THAT DAY? And that he was definitely going to be driving a friend home from work that night. I mean give me just a small break. Arrest him already.


  9. Sounds to me that there might a conflict of interest involving the suspect and the prosecutor. They should have appointed a special prosecutor to avoid the dud that is holding up the process. This is not fair to the family of the victim. Sometimes changing the leadership will find the answers very quickly. Maybe that $90K emptied into the pockets of the ones who are dragging their feet..


  10. I am very surprised to see no resolve in this case up to this point and To me it is obvious that a significant part of our legal system has definitely FAILED Patty and her entire family ! Any and all decent Americans should be disturbed by this case and other cases like this one. This case in particular seems to be very much solvable ! Circumstantial evidence is still REAL evidence and if every case was solved with DNA type evidence then we would not need juries anymore right ? This case 20 years later is a total disgrace and I feel so much empathy for Patty’s family. not only have they lost a loved one but now they have completely been let down by those whom we have put so much trust in to do their jobs and find whom ever is responsible and then hold them accountable for their evil actions ! I so hope that someone with the ability to move forward on this will have the courage to do what needs to be done. if everything that could be done has been done then I strongly doubt that this case would not be resolved by now !


  11. I have always wondered about that suspicious Tonneau cover ? I am very curious to find out if it was or could still be tested for excessive amounts of exhaust gasses ? You know, it would not be the first accidental death caused by an unknown exhaust leak ? From what I remember of this case Patty was supposedly hiding in the truck bed under the Tonneau cover for an extended period of time ? This could be one explanation. It does not justify the actions after the incident but this could give the D.A. in the case an opportunity to push for a conviction of second degree murder or manslaughter instead of a more difficult first degree case ? At least then the family could get some form of closure ?


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