Peggy McGuire Missing Person’s Case

Peggy McGuire Missing Person Case


On Tuesday, November 17, 2015, at around 3-4 pm, Peggy McGuire (PM) was reported missing by family when she did not show up to pick up her son from school. At the time of her disappearance PM was 28 years old and the mother of a young son. She was living in the small town of Stidham, Oklahoma (SO) about 15 minutes northwest from Eufaula, OK (EO). She was living with the father of their young son in SO. The father is also considered a Person of Interest and most likely the Primary Suspect (PS) by Law Enforcement.

The two had known each other and had a tumultuous relationship since meeting during her sophomore year in High School. His immediate family and her immediate family live in the EO area. On prior occasions there were allegations of abuse PM suffered at the hands of the PS. She had pressed charges against him in the past and even placed a restraining order against him, but both were eventually dismissed. PM went to nursing school and after graduating was working at a nursing home in EO. She was also living with the PS and their son at his home, but according to friends and family PM and the PS were in a platonic relationship. During this time period, it has been stated that PM was “dating” other people and at the time of her disappearance had a boyfriend in Texas (BFTX).

It is assumed PM lived with the PS as opposed to living with family or finding her own apartment because PM and the PS believed it would be best to stay together for their son. PM was a “country girl” and on her property she took care of cattle and other livestock. It has been stated that this was the attraction she had with the PS in HS because he loved the country life as well. It should also be noted that the county in which they lived is the same as the last name of the PS and his family may have been prominent in the area.

3 years later, PM is still missing, her case has gone cold, and no arrests have been made in her disappearance. She is not believed to have left on her own volition and many in her family and in LE assume she is dead. There have been no suspects named; however, her son’s father is still assumedly the PS even though no evidence has shown Probable Cause (PC) to arrest him, yet no evidence has been shown to rule him out as a PS either.



PM was last seen on November 16th, 2015 after she dropped her son off at Canadian Elementary School (CES) at around 745am.

Her last phone conversation was with her BFTX that ended at approximately 10am on the day she went missing. After this conversation she has not been seen or heard from again.


PM left her place of employment, picked up her son, drove him to school and then drove back to her home in SO. (At the beginning of this investigation there were reports that PM was spotted either at CES with someone in her truck with her; however, this information has been dismissed and hasn’t been discussed in follow-up reports). PM leaves work, picks up son and drops him off at approx.745am. CES is approximately 25-30 minute drive back to SO. ETA to home at 830am. (At around 815am PM calls her father and tells him she is heading home).


On 11/16/15, PM had informed her cousin and co-worker she was going to meet her BFTX on Monday (BFTX was supposed to drive from TX to OK to meet) and she was not coming into work Tuesday because she would be with him. She would however be back in time to pick up her son Tuesday afternoon. At some point before 10AM the BF in TX had to cancel their date. According to reports no one was aware of this change in plans besides the BFTX and PM.

At around 10am PM speaks with BF in TX.
After their call ends PM, according to LE her phone pings from her home, but after 10am her phone is turned off and is never turned on again.


At approx 3pm 11/17 family becomes worried because PM is unreachable by phone and isn’t at CES to pick up her son. He is instead picked up by his Father the PS. At approx 330pm 11/17, family contact police to report PM as a MISSING PERSON.

PM vehicle is found abandoned at a local bar called the Ice House.

(Surveillance footage from the Ice House shows that PM vehicle being dropped off at TJ’s Ice House at approx 528am 9 miles from her home. An UK person is seen exiting the vehicle. This UK person is seen by a driver, and when spotted the UK person ducks into the woods.)


According to PM relative and co-worker on 11/16/15, PM had made plans to meet her BFTX. This person was going to drive from TX to OK. PM had not informed other family members, but it is assumed she had made plans with someone other than family, including the PS to pick her son up from school Monday afternoon.

BFTX cancels plans to meet with PM, but is known as the last person to converse with her by telephone. This conversation ended around 10AM and it is at this time LE report that PM phone was turned off or disabled.

PM is not reported missing until Tuesday afternoon.

10am 11/16-300pm 11/17:


REVISED TIMELINE: Mon 10am 11/16-Tues 528am 11/17

PM truck was discovered later that day abandoned at the TJ’s Ice House (IH), a local bar in a desolate area off of Highway 9. This baffles her family because PM is not known to imbibe or frequent the IH.

A surveillance camera located at the IH is reviewed and PM truck is seen driving north, pulling into the IH, turns in the circular parking lot and is parked facing south. The time is 528am 11/17. It is raining, so the image is blurry, but a person is seen exiting the vehicle and walking away assumedly walking in a south-bound direction. The UK person is allegedly spotted by a driver who lived near the IH and was heading to work and as they approached the UK person, the UK person ducked into the woods as if attempting to evade being seen.

This evidence narrows the time from last time PM last communication to being reported missing from 29 hours to 19 hours.

PM truck being abandoned by an unknown person at the Ice House suggests that PM is a victim of foul play, ruling out leaving on her own volition, suicide, or having been involved in an accident, but impossible to rule out that PM has been abducted, or murdered.




The operational theory of a UK RI would suggest that PM and the RI had no known connection prior to 11/16/15. The possible motivation would most likely be residential burglary, not realizing anyone was home. Although these forms of random attacks make up 16% of crimes similar to the PM case, this operational theory poses several credible problems. There were no signs of anyone breaking into PM home, the RI does not need to abduct her, there are no reports of items being missing (besides a gun) the RI would have no need to abandon the truck at the IH versus dumping it elsewhere, PM home was not in a suburban area or in an apartment complex, and thus the RI would most likely have an accomplice(s) and need not take PM truck only to abandon it at the IH. There have been no reports of anyone attempting to use PM ATM or Credit Cards etc. Although a RI theory cannot be necessarily ruled out, it does not seem like the most plausible theory.


This suspect would be an outlier a person just close enough in proximity to the victim’s location or knew of her but not closely associated enough to be suspected. The motive for suspect 3 would most likely be sexual. This suspect would be aware that PM lives with someone and would have an incentive to abduct her. This suspect would have lived close by or was visiting close by. The problem with suspect 3, this suspect would have no rational reason for leaving PM truck at the IH versus leaving it anywhere else. It is also difficult to establish why suspect 3 would need 19 hours to commit this abduction and not only a couple of hours. One would also have difficulty in understanding why risk an abduction in daylight, and risk being seen in PM vehicle, yet also risk abandoning the vehicle at a location where the suspect risks being seen.


Although it is known that PM was “dating” other men, And it is possible that one of these men was someone PM kept secret for whatever reason, the motive behind this crime could be anything from robbery, to a crime of passion. One of the original reports soon after PM was reported missing was that on the day she was last seen someone reported seeing her with another UK person, not her son. Since that original report, it has not been heard of again, and its possible this witness was mistaken. However, it is possible that on the day she went missing she may have purposefully picked up someone and took this UK person to her home. However, because PM kept this relationship a secret this UK suspect may or may not have contacted her through SM or via phone. Even so, the problem with this theory as with the others is this suspect does take the risk of not knowing if others are aware of their relationship, risks being spotted in her vehicle and has no rational reason to leave the truck at the IH versus leaving it anywhere else.


At the time of PM abduction the two were living together in a platonic relationship, and apparently in agreement to dating other people. However, the PS as an operating theory answers more questions than it asks and fills in blanks where other theories leave questionable and somewhat doubtful.

The PS as the most plausible operational theory gives a rational reason as to why 19 hours lapses between the last time PM has contact with anyone and when her truck is left at the IH. The PS has a rational reason to leave the vehicle at the IH to establish a motive to give the illusion that PM is engaging in scandalous relationships, that insofar have not been discovered by SW examining PM online SM activity or call and text logs. If in fact the crime scene is PM home, the PS would have the time and the motive to clean the home and know specifically he has until 3pm to complete this task before anyone will know PM is missing. This time allows him the opportunity to clean up the crime scene, the time to organize and dispose of PM body leaving it virtually impossible for her to be found, clean the vehicle and then dispose of it at the IH establishing the narrative that PM ran away or was taken by someone she had met while engaging in scandalous behavior and even walk the 9 miles back home (which without assistance may have taken about 2 hours to walk conservatively) and still give him 7 hours before PM would be considered missing by family.

Missing Persons and other Crime Statistics (National and Local):

“The CDC analyzed the murders of women in 18 states from 2003 to 2014, finding a total of 10,018 deaths. Of those, 55 percent were intimate partner violence-related, meaning they occurred at the hands of a former or current partner or the partner’s family or friends. In 93 percent of those cases, the culprit was a current or former romantic partner. The report also bucks the strangers-in-dark-alleys narrative common to televised crime dramas: Strangers perpetrated just 16 percent of all female homicides, fewer than acquaintances and just slightly more than parents.”

“A popular homicide myth says that most female homicide victims are killed by strangers. The reality is that the majority of homicide victims, particularly women, are killed by someone they know. The UCR data over the years completely debunk the myth about “stranger danger” and homicide…women are most likely to be killed at home by a current or former male intimate—that is, a husband, boyfriend, ex-husband or former boyfriend. Making this point, the UCR data from the mid-1970s through the mid-1980s found that a female is more than 2.5 times as likely to be shot by her male intimate partner as to be shot, stabbed, strangled, bludgeoned, or killed in any other way by a stranger.”


Although this report is hypothetical presenting multiple operating theories as to possible suspects and motives behind the abduction and probable murder of PM, all persons are legally innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. This case has at this time no direct evidence and is based on circumstantial evidence that relies on inference to connect it to a conclusion of fact. In this particular case it is the absence of direct evidence whereby deductive reasoning establishes the most probable suspect as the PM long-time boyfriend and the father of her son as the Primary Suspect (PS) and the operational theory is that on 11/16/15 the PS motivated by jealousy assaults PM inside their home and the attack escalates and PM is murdered in her own home. Although the crime was most likely not premeditated, once PM is murdered, the PS, quickly moves to establish a plan to cover up the crime and dispose of PM body. The PS knows he has at least 29 hours to complete this coverup. One can theorize that the PS waits until after dark to remove PM body from the home and placing her into the back of her own truck. The PS has time to get rid of any incriminating evidence, retrace his steps and clean up any signs of the altercation.

The most compelling fact is that the person who committed this crime had motive, the means, and most importantly the time to organize how to elude LE and the motive to dispose of PM body in a location no one will find. In fact, while most reports suggest that family and friends and LE have searched 80 acres near the PS home and surrounding areas, the PS could have traveled up to 200 miles away to dispose of PM body and still have been able to return home again, and still have time to dispose of PM truck at the IH. Disposing of the truck at the IH was a huge risk, but at the same time, it is a risk that perhaps only the PS would have taken in order to divert LE attention away from him, but create the motive that PM was engaging in scandalous behavior that the facts and evidence do not seem to support.

No other possible suspect, would have motive to dispose the truck at the IH, nor any motive to abduct PM as opposed to killing her in her own home and attempting to pin the crime on the PS. It is the disposal of the truck at the IH in an attempt to divert LE that is indicative of the PS being the most plausible suspect, and although this evidence is circumstantial it could be enough PC to present to a Grand Jury

All theories listed on this site are of my own and I do not represent Law Enforcement. If you have any information concerning this crime, please contact Law Enforcement.

Investigating Agency:

  • McIntosh County Sheriff’s Office 918-689-2526
  • Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation 918-423-6672

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  1. On 2/22/2021 PM’s son was reported missing. At the time he was in 7th grade at Stidham elementary school. His tractor was found near Lake Eufaula but no sign of him had been found yet.


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