Game of Thrones: How will it end? My Theory

My wife and I watched EP 4 of the final season of GOT last night. Knowing that there are only two more episodes to go in this amazing series, and I argue one of the best television shows of all time, I do feel as if I have a theory as to how the story will end.

I will warn you now of SPOILER’S from previous episodes that have led me to my conclusions.

To begin, I just want to say that my two favorite characters are Arya and the Hound. To see these two back together on the road to King’s Landing was awesome.

With that said, let’s dig in.

What chance does Cersai have of winning by going up against the same group of people who won the Battle of Winterfell against the White Walkers? We already know that way back when she was a child she was informed by a witch that her reign as queen would be short lived.

It would seem that Cersai’s death is somewhat inevitable. But we’ll come back to that.

Although the writer’s of GOT have done a great job at creating suspense, when one moves past the tension purposefully created for suspense, at the end of each episode or season you find there is a logical methodology of foreshadowing that has followed throughout the series and I believe this may hold theories as to how the epic saga will end.

With only two episodes to go, the writer’s could give most of us or perhaps all of us who expect Cersai to lose, give us the moment of watching her die a most painful death, and give Daenerys the throne and that’s it: The End.

Simple, and easy, and everyone happy…but not so fast.

Then there’s the dread each viewer has knowing that at anytime one of our favorite character’s could die. In fact people are placing bets each week and the odds change after each episode as who’s going to die and at this point, although several beloved character’s have died, the main players in the GOT are still with us with two episodes to go.

My theory is logical, and I believe has been set up many moons ago and is right before our very eyes.

Cersai’s reign will end. I feel quite confident of this. Everything and everyone still alive outside of her own circle of loyalists want her gone. One could even argue how loyal are the Gold Company to her if they like Sir Bronn can be bought and or change sides without hesitation if Cersai is on the way out. (in fact this is talked about in earlier seasons by the current Queen of King’s Landing during the Battle of Blackwater)

How Cersai’s reign will end is still in question, but not if it will end.

If the logical argument is Cersai is out, the next question is who ends up with the Iron Throne. As EP 4 ended, with the true heritage of Jon Snow being uncovered it does add to the suspense and a possible feud tearing those who love the Queen of Dragons and those who follow The King of the North apart and thereby allowing Cersai to win the throne as the two factions outside King’s Landing fight each other.

Although the writer’s have shown great skill in creating suspense and tension, in the end, it is for dramatic effect and that only, because Cersai is out.

To end GOT with Cersai still sitting on the Iron Throne would not be a surprise, it would be an insult to almost every fan of the show.

Even so, the writer’s also know how to hold an audience to the very end. It wasn’t until the final moment’s of EP 3 we saw Arya leaping into the air and winning the battle of Winterfell. So it’s possible that the writer’s will draw this out until the final episode and keep us on edge in our seats until the credit’s role. But there is no Season 9 so pretty much everything has to happen within two and half hours over the next two Sundays.

We know (at least we think we know) that only one dragon remains alive. We know that Daenerys once again jumped headfirst into battle against the advice of those around her. We know Jon Snow is traveling to Kings Landing with troops. We know the Hound and Arya are close behind. We know Jaimie has also left Winterfell and is on the same road to King’s Landing. Sansa and Lady Brienne are at Winterfell, along with the Free Folk.

How this plays out over the next two episodes I do not know. What I do believe however is that again Cersai is out, possibly as early at the end of EP 5. This allows for the entirety of Ep 6 to figure out what to do with her and who shall sit on the Iron Throne. In fact the last episode could be a fast forward to years after the events depicted over the last 8 seasons as a final farewell to those who died and those who survived.

So here is my theory:

I believe Daenerys is becoming too much like her brother and her ancestors. She believes her right to the throne is divine but yet her brother felt the same. Dany will either grow to understand this and realize she can end tyranny without the throne by helping overthrow Cersai and put someone in the throne who will be the best ruler for the realm. If she does not come to this understanding not only does she stand to lose the support of those loyal to her, but perhaps even worse lose Jon Snow. When Khal Drogo died, and afterwards Lord Mormont, it had a tremendous impact on Dany, to the point that she begged Jon to swear to secrecy his true lineage. Even when Jon vowed he did not want the throne and would remain loyal to her, her having to beg was similar to the scene in which her brother lost his mind and his life in his vain attempt to force Khal Drogo to give him his Army. Is Dany going to be forced to kill Jon Snow in order to protect her quest to rule the Seven Kingdoms? Will Jon Snow sacrifice his life as did Ned Stark to give Dany what she wants because he truly believes she is the rightful heir to the throne?

Since we’re on the subject of Jon Snow…it is true he is willing to make sacrifices. He pledged his allegiance to the Men of the Watch. He then went against the powers that be to break bread with the Free Folk and it cost him his life, only to be revived by the Red Witch. At the Battle of Hardholme he was forced to retreat. At the Battle of the Bastards he would have lost had it not been for Sansa. After being declared the King of the North, he travels to meet Dany only to bend the knee, another sacrifice to gain access to the dragonglass and dragons in order to fight the White Walkers. He sacrificed himself in the battle against the White Walkers and was saved by his Uncle Benjin, at great cost of losing a dragon. Then in the Battle of Winterfell, again it was Arya who saved the day as Dany and Snow fought for their lives in a battle they under most circumstances would have lost. And now, knowing his true lineage, he still bends the knee to Dany even if he has a stronger claim to the throne than her.

No one can deny Jon and Dany’s heroism, their passion, their honor, or even their lineage. Still one could argue that despite this and the loyalty and love of those they have inspired, they may not be best suited to rule the Seven Kingdoms together or separately.

If not Jon and Dany, than who?

I think the answer is quite simple: Sansa Stark.

When watching the last few episodes of GOT, it seems quite obvious to me that Sansa has outgrown her role as Lady of Winterfell. The prophecy told to Cersai as a teenager stated that her reign as queen would not be long, and she would be replaced by someone more beautiful. One could argue that Marjorie the queen to Renley, Goffery, and Tommin fulfilled this part of the prophecy, but I disagree. Cersai did not become the Queen until her youngest son’s death after the loss of his beloved Marjorie. So her reign begins after the death of Marjorie, meaning that there is still another.

So this is my belief: Cersai is out. The Mountain is out. I do not know how either go, but I have a feeling Arya and the Hound will be responsible in the epic battle against The Mountain. I believe that it is quite possible that Jamie now on his way to King’s Landing will encounter the Hound and Arya and hatch a plan which will allow Jamie to slide past the Mountain and the King’s Guard.

Uncle Greyjoy is out. Yara is on her way to King’s Landing. After the “heroic” death of Theon, her hatred for her uncle, and her sworn allegiance to Dany, she will arrive with a greater fleet, and Uncle Greyjoy will either flee once he learns of the Queen’s betrayal concerning his being the father of her child, or by the sight of Dragon fire destroying his fleet. I do not think he will escape Yara’s wrath even if he escapes the Dragon fire and Blackwater.

Once this happen the Gold Company of Bravos will turn against Cersai as foreshadowed in earlier seasons.

At some point, and I know all of us have been waiting for it, there has to be a moment where Jon Snow’s true lineage will exposed. I do not think it will be as a result of the talking heads and little birds, but by fire. One has to assume that since wild fire has been the weapon of choice by the Mad King, to Cersai using it to destroy the church, it’s being produced in greater quantities. Imagine if you will that Jon Snow is seen by the inhabitants of the Red Keep be struck by wild fire and survive the flames. This would surely act as a way to show not only Dany and all the soldiers loyal to Dany and Snow, as well as the city of King’s Landing Jon Snow is more than the bastard son of Ned Stark. It will also show Dany that Snow is a true Dragon.

Speaking of Dragons: we all watched in horror as Greyjoy struck the mighty Dragon several times and it crash into the sea. Problem is, in GOT there are Drowned Gods and Red Witches and well I think you see where I’m going. It’s quite possible this Dragon is not dead, or won’t be revived through some ancient God we’ve yet to be introduced too. Or perhaps Bran, will resurrect the dragon?

But what if Dany and Jon have an even greater secret. No one knows for certain how Dragon’s mate, or if it is even necessary for them to mate to birth Dragons. It is quite possible that there are more Dragons that only Dany and Jon know of. It would be a great strategy for them to keep this a secret.

OK, so where was I? How does this end with Sansa on the throne?

Foreshadowing throughout GOT provides us many theories. We know that someone more beautiful will take the Iron Throne from Cersai. It also well known however, that a Stark must always remain at Winterfell. Bran, or the Three-Eyed-Raven, no longer considers himself a Stark, Arya is now a Faceless Man, and it essentially leaves only Sansa to be the Stark left behind to be at Winterfell.

But again, not so fast. What was it Tormund told Jon before they parted ways in the EP4. You are the North. Jon is also a Stark.

If you will indulge me for a moment, after Mormont’s death, Dany knew Mormont loved her, but she could never love him back. Her rush to King’s Landing after defeating the Night King resulted in losing another Dragon, and the death of another loyal friend Missandei. We know her love for Drogo, and now she is close to losing Jon. Either Dany is going to turn into the Mad Queen and become everything she despises in order to take down Cersai, or, and I believe this to be the case, is after watching how the people not only are loyal to Jon but their love and affection towards him will come to realize the Iron Throne is not worth the cost of losing Jon. Therefore, I believe she will come full-circle to the Dany we met in Season 1. She will acquiesce and bend the knee to Jon, which Jon will refuse.

Maybe it’s wishful thinking on my part, but wouldn’t it be nice to end the GOT in the way it started. Children in the courtyard of Winterfell, looking up as Dany and Jon stare down lovingly at their children, same as Ned and Catilyn had done?

Then I see Sansa and Lord Tyrion ending up married, as Sansa sits on the Iron Throne. But instead of being the King of the Seven Realms they propose a more democratic society with Jon and Dany in the North, Yara in the Iron Islands, Gendry as Lord of Storm’s End, and so forth and so forth. And maybe perhaps, and what if, a merciful Sansa is allows Jamie and Cersai to live out their lives together happily at Casterly Rock? Whether one hates Cersai or not, she too protested the beheading of Ned Stark. She too, did everything she did to protect her children. And if Theon can redeem himself and the Lady of Winterfell shed tears over his death, she can certainly be merciful to the oft times, spiteful, Queen Cersai.

Lady Brienne will remain head of the King’s Guard alongside Sansa, Sam becomes the Grand Meister of the Citadel changing the rules allowing women to join the ancient order, and Arya travels back to Bravos to continue the ancient order of the Faceless men.

There is no need for the Men of the Watch. There is no wall, there is no threat from the Night King, and all live happily ever after.

Again, what happens is unpredictable I will admit, but there is a way for no more deaths, no more fire and brimstone, no more need for little birds and spies, just peace and what better way to end the bloodshed and undo the wrongs put into play by Littlefinger and others who put the events into motion that would be played out over the last seven seasons?

I guess we’ll see. I don’t mind if my theory is wrong. There are so many predictions out there, all I know is I have loved watching the series, and look forward to seeing how this amazing story ends.

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