Now what?

That’s always the question making my brain feel as if it’s on fire. I’ve been keeping busy, just finished writing a rough draft for one screenplay and am editing two other screenplays. It shouldn’t take too long to proof all three, register them with the Writer’s Guild, and then begin the process of querying agents and film production companies.

I’ve also recently submitted three short stories for review, but I’ve written about that in a blog post, and I’ve sent queries out for the novella “The Month of April” and I’ve written about that too, but now what?

Having been down this road, I know this is somewhat of a waiting game now once the proofing is complete and the querying begins. That doesn’t mean I should take a break, even if over the last month I’ve written let’s see, 356 pages in total, four different and original stories, three scripts one novella, that’s a lot of words and a lot of pages. But I’m not done, even if I could take a break. What was it Stephen King said, something about talent is cheap as table salt?

The problem I’m having isn’t ideas, because that’s precisely why my brain is on fire as we speak, because it’s burning with ideas, several, and as soon as I focus on one, another story pushes the other out of the way and takes over my thoughts and then another and it goes on like this, until eventually one will take the lead for whatever reason and then it’s off to the races.

But I have to say, that as much as I love writing fiction, a part of me wants to write about current events and trending hashtags, because that’s where I started. Still a part of me has tired of writing about those things because even if you feel like something ought to be said, you realize as soon as you say it you find your email inundated with some who disagree and some who agree, but only partially agree, and then some who just seem angry but admit they didn’t actually read the entire story, just the fact they were compelled to stop what they were doing and skim through it made them angry enough to send me an email and inform me of this aggravation I caused them.

I’ll be the first to admit that I grew up reading Socrates and I love a good debate and playing the devil’s advocate, well I did, when I was younger, but now that I’m older, it doesn’t appeal to me as much. And there is good reason for that, because in the last five years, two situations have happened that I’ve been witness too, in which I realized that not all, let me clarify this, but at least one person I’ve met is completely bat shit crazy and personifies the definition of the word skulking, and the other antagonist in this story is perhaps one of the most duplicitous human beings I’ve ever met who unfortunately is in a position of authority (and I have emails and documents to prove this, as matter of fact on both the skulking psychopath and the inept duplicitous dip shit boss I worked for.)

But let me reiterate: in 45 years, I managed to go through life only reading about these specific types of just god-awful human beings, but only in the last five years actually met two, and I cannot help it if almost every single fiber of my being feels like I should include these two deluded individuals into my next story. And, not only that, but tell the story of the apathetic individuals who know what these two individuals are doing is wrong, and say nothing. I honestly don’t know which party is worse. The two antagonists, or the ones who believe that not taking a side, do not seem to understand the logic that by not taking a side, is in fact taking a side.

Where was I, so there’s that story, which I think should be told, but don’t know if I feel like crossing that bridge again and rethinking what was, when I have only just recently got the smell of the acrid smoke from those burning bridges from stinking up my house out and have began moving on.

Still, there are other stories, such as trending stories that intrigue me as well. But then again, I find myself saying, Chad, you’ve been there, you’ve done that, enjoy writing fiction, and if you can somehow incorporate these current trending stories and the aforementioned stories of the two pricks and the apathetic people who enable them, do that instead.

I mean, it’s doable, writer’s like Upton Sinclair, Ellison, Steinbeck, Hughes, Cullen, and this list could go on and on , they used their prose and poetry to bring about positive change and I’m sure they faced criticism for doing so.

Honestly, I don’t know what’s next, but it ought to be an adventure. And I hope along the way I can entertain, or smile, or perhaps even bring about positive change.

I hope everyone is doing well… Chad.

Oh, and last night after much thought on the subject I deleted my Facebook account and for some reason it felt like ending my relationship with those two nutbags I mentioned in this post.

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