The Challenge: Part 3

Yesterday, I was writing about how a painting inspired me to write the book: The Month of April. I mentioned how we never know how or when inspiration will strike, but be always ready. Within a few minutes of me posting that I walked outside for a few minutes and it occurred to me that I’d had two ideas, two separate stories, that what if I put them together and bam, like a bat to the head. There it was.

The challenge is well, this if I can pull this off will be something as a writer I’ve never attempted, and that is to create a fantasy/sci-fi/action/horror/historical/ and whatever other genre you want to throw in there and I haven’t figured out how to do it just yet.

I’ve even downloaded Scrivener and will try it out on a trial basis and if it works as good as it looks, will purchase the software. It may help me create this complex story and put it all together.

So that’s the big news. I’m about to start a major story, possibly even a series of stories, because it really is that “big” of a story. It’s an idea that has been in my mind for sometime, but never really knew how to put it together, and then like I said, it came together.

Again I go back into the rabbit hole. I’ve already warned my wife. She knows where to find me and how to lure me out. Sometimes…

Fingers crossed, as I take this next journey.

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