Short Stories or Novel or Screenplay or….

After having just published several short stories and poems in “Fool-Hearted” and released my novella “The Month of April” on April 1st, I really have no clue on what to work on next.

I have several ideas, of course. But one seems to keep fighting against the other. I do have a novel I could be working on that is 250 pages in, but from the time I started writing it to now, I’ve reworked the story in my head. So that means pretty much scrapping 90% of the story. That does not sound fun.

I have a few screenplays I’ve written already copyrighted with the Writer’s Guild, but I haven’t pushed trying to sell them. In fact, The Month of April started out as being a screenplay but later, like the aforementioned novel, changed it and turned into what I believe is a really beautiful love story.

Then, I have several short stories that either need to be edited, or finished. A couple of short stories I actually have considered turning into full length novels, or perhaps writing a script.

In the meantime, while I contemplate what’s next, I’m going to attempt to market “The Month of April” and see how well it performs. It’s not been to bad. Yesterday it was ranked around 130 in Lesbian Romance. So that’s cool. I’ve even considered if it does well to expand upon the story. Still, though I know a few people have read it I have yet to have any feedback or reviews, so that’s a little disappointing. It is a marathon not a sprint I keep telling myself. I’m also attempting to market the short stories and poetry in “Fool-Hearted.”

I’m trying different marketing strategies and at the end of the month of April, I will write and tell you my experiences and let you know if they worked and are worth utilizing for your own self-publishing venture.

I also keep reading about this software program called Scrivener, it looks interesting. Still though, I’m not sure if I need it. I would love to try it out though, maybe it will be useful especially with my scattered brain way of thinking.

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