Day 2 of #indieApril

So it’s day two, I just finished a loving story “Scout’s Honor”
written by author Dori Ann Dupré. You can find the copy of the book here:

This is a beautiful and I believe a story people can relate too. I won’t give any spoilers, but while reading, the author is unafraid to allow the characters to speak for themselves so you see the story from several perspectives and not just Scout’s. A lot of time went into writing this story that spans several years, and I know from my own life that many characters remind me of people I have met and even my own faults and regrets I have had over the past 45 years from teenage romances to having to put aside things I dreamed of doing to take care of other responsibilities and one day looking back and realizing that through some of the heartbreak and hardships I can look back and smile and perhaps even accept it was fate that led me down the road I traveled and not live life tormented by regret.

I also finished

If A Monkey… Kindle Edition
by Norman Robert Langford (Author), Aurora Kruk (Illustrator) a Children’s book. Unfortunately, my kids are all grown, but I would have read this story to them. It is cute, with great art work, and I think many children will enjoy this story as will parents enjoy reading it to them.

You can find this story here:

I have added so many stories by so many amazing independent authors and I plan on reading as many as I can while I contemplate what my next writing project will be. So please keep sending stories.

Next on my list is the book “Crossed” Kindle Edition
by Ivy Raye (Author) you can find this book here:

Keep writing, and don’t let anything stand in your way of your dreams.

Much respect and love always: Chad

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