Today depression. Tomorrow who knows

Don’t know why I’m depressed. Just hit me. I make excuses like well it’s the change in the weather, or I didn’t sleep well.

I know it will pass, ok, I really don’t know, but it always has in the past.

I am excited about the release of my new book The Month of April. A little anxious and nervous. I love it, but I guess now it’s a waiting game.

I am tired. Which is an added bonus to depression, but otherwise I don’t feel like climbing back in bed and giving the depression the satisfaction of knowing it beat me.

So I will write this instead. Then post it and then I don’t know.

Still thinking about what my next project will be. That could be part of the depression. I have several stories competing against one another.

The great part about the writing community on Twitter is knowing that I’m not alone.

Oh well… Much love and respect to all of you… Chad

Published by Chad Ard

Author, Editor

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