Candy versus Beets

The Office. I love this show. It seems every few months or so when between series like after True Detective season 3 finished, and now waiting on Game of Thrones, I’ll go back to my old friend “The Office” and start watching it again. I can go to sleep to it. Not that it’s boring or not interesting, it’s just like an old friend, and if I start a new series (Which there are several I do want to see) I end up staying up all night watching the entire season. And I have work to do.

But last night I was lying in bed watching season 2 of The Office episode 3 Office Olympics. It’s the one where Michael buys his condo and takes Dwight along with him and Dwight begins making Michael feel bad about the deal he’s getting on the place.

There is a scene after Michael has convinced himself to sign the lease and they are driving and Dwight begins talking about beets and Michael is like no one likes beets, why don’t you grow something people want, like candy.

Ah, and this got me to thinking about writing and self-publishing, and more importantly marketing is what do people, readers if you will, want? Candy or beets? Or maybe the better question is as a writer, in an oversaturated market how do you distinguish your beets from others?

So in many respects you can imagine we’re all beet farmers and social media is our farmer’s market. Of course we all write in different genres and so forth, but in many respects it’s about, well Dwight says in a later episode something to the effect it’s about putting the best beets up front. You know the same thing happens at grocery stores, putting the freshest in front making them more marketable to the consumer.

It’s got me to thinking, I want to help. I know there are services out there that will help edit, and etc, but if you’re like me, sometimes you just don’t’ have the money and you self-edit, and edit some more, and maybe even you do have a good friend or family member who will help, and sometimes you may even worry that they are being too lenient because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. And then even worse, many of us writers are not the most sociable people in the world. So that makes it even more awkward to approach people. You put all that together and we end up winging it and hopefully maybe someone will purchase your story and then another, and soon your book is selling like candy.

This week I’ll be doing some stats and figuring, but I want to help other writers like me, by using my experience as an editor and writer to find a cost effective way that won’t break someone but give them an experienced set of eyes and unbiased critique of your work. If you’d be interested please send me an email at or message me on Twitter.

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