Wow! The laat two days have bsen hectic. I’ve written over 32,000 words in my new project and have spent today editing the first draft.

The amazing thing is I have written several stories over the years, and it’s always amazing when you read something, something you have written and re-read and it amazes you.

It’s an unbelievable feeling. I’ve had a few stories that I still even to this day will read and wonder how did those words come from me. Especially in a few poems I have written.

But this new project is something different, at least to me, that each time I read it has me, a former Marine, 6’5 male begin crying and choking up. It’s become such a beautiful story that I cannot wait to finish so I can share it.

I have a few more pages still left to write, and of course more editing and a few more read throughs and more editing, but it’s very close.

Much love and respect Chad.

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