Time to Re-calibrate

In some of my posts I have stated that I made a rookie mistake when self-publishing my book. I don’t know if it was a huge mistake, one that can’t be undone. It is a lesson I am learning though.

First, many of the stories I had written in the book Forever Striking a Crucified Pose had been written over a period of 15 years. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have edited, re-edited, re-written, had beta readers review them, but oft times, no matter your best effort mistakes get missed. Especially in fictional creative writing where the writer takes on the voice of another character, so the writing takes on the voice of the particular character that editing software wants to automatically correct. Then, there are times where a sentence runs on, but as the writer you aren’t necessarily going out of your way to ignore the established rules of grammar, it just feels right. It’s like a stream of consciousness way of telling your story.
And it’s not like it hasn’t be done before. I guess it just depends on your audience and then on the writer.

Most especially one of the biggest mistakes I made was rushing to publication. There were several formatting problems I did not detect when utilizing Kindle Create Software. So, those were issues I needed to fix. Problem is I had already started the promotion on social media. So here I am now still needing to re calibrate and fix issues with the first book, or let go of that for now, and focus on the three other projects I am working on.

So the key thing, is not to panic. If you’re writing is good, and you believe in yourself, don’t lose patience, and don’t lose your cool, and most especially don’t get depressed if RT, Shares and Likes don’t lead to sells and reviews of your book.

The fact is it’s a huge, (huge isn’t the word to describe it) global market, where books just like mine are being published every day perhaps every hour even (it may be higher than that). It’s really a matter of pacing yourself, realizing that when you self-publish you don’t have an agent, and you don’t have a publisher behind you helping push the book. It’s just you. And trust me it is so easy to get caught up promoting on Social Media sites, that you find a whole day has gone by and maybe you have accomplished something, getting more followers, etc, but you have let a whole day go by without writing your next project. And it too isn’t going to write itself.

Each day you have to set aside time for each, social media, blogging, writing, taking care of other things like taking out the trash, dinner, sleeping. so you have to pace yourself. And many of you have full time jobs outside of writing.

The main thing is to pace yourself. Start scheduling your day. Wake up (obviously, hopefully) maybe spend thirty minutes on Social Media. Then move away from that, put your phone aside, and focus on writing. Try to set goals to write so many words a day: 3000, 5000, etc. Then two or three times a day, because you don’t won’t those on social media getting tired of seeing your colorful advertisements for your book posted every five minutes, set times say for example, in the morning, afternoon and in the evening.

Most of all don’t forget to support those individuals who just like you are trying to promote their books, to RT, follow, reach out to, and even better, purchase or pick up their book on Kindle Unlimited if you have that option and help advertise for them.

There is also free advice online to help, well like this blog and several other blogs for example, and there is paid advertising and sites that will help you promote. I have not ruled using any of these sites, it’s just a matter of money, and it’s like gambling and pot equity odds, if you do invest in someone to assist you, and you spend x amount of money, and it helps your book go to number one, then hey, great investment. But if you invest x, and it leads to some improvement, what is the rate of return on your investment. So always weigh these odds.

So, I’m learning as I go. I am not in panic mode. These stories I have recently published sat on my computer for an awfully long time, and they may sit on Kindle for quite sometime, but that’s OK. Don’t freak out. Keep writing. Keep learning from your mistakes, even if you are a full-time writer, editor, your own agent, whatever it maybe, schedule your day, because if you do not, it will slip away, and nothing will get done.

Much love and respect to all of you….Chad

Published by Chad Ard

Author, Editor

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