Inside the Book: Forever Striking a Crucified Pose: This is Me Going Crazy

This is me going crazy. That should have been the title of this blog or perhaps even the book.

Many parts of this story do have some personal connection to me. I too, like Anthony believed I could fly. I remember right after watching Christopher Reeve star in the original (and I may argue the best Superman movie and I can speak to that to some length making that case, but won’t at this time) that I too, even though I was not an alien life form, could fly. So I taking a jacket and buttoning the top button to where it was fashioned like a cape, and found a nice open area in my yard, took three steps, jumped and just like Anthony hit the ground hard.

Other aspects of the story are fictional, at least as far as the relationship between the family, but were developed by my memory of me attempting to fly.

There are so many things as an author I love about this particular story. I especially love the scene when in the hospital Lynn orders her oldest son to see what they can “steal” from within the examination room. Not that I’ve ever done it, I have peeked in some of the cabinets while waiting on a doctor to see me. And the scene at the dinner table. I love the descriptive details and the dialogue.

The best scene to me is when Lynn is pulled over and where I found the title for this story. I guess the question is, is Anthony lying about his father’s relationship? He is known to fib and exaggerate.

I think though for me personally, the story is about how quick we are to take our kids to a psychologist and place them on medications when in many respects the kid is just being a kid.

Lynn is obviously worried, but in some respects she is also going through her own troubles at home, and I assume the question could be asked is Lynn using Anthony as a way to suppress other issues that she isn’t prepared to deal with.

This story was written about 10 years ago, and hasn’t changed much since the original version.

I hope you enjoy the story. Much respect, Chad.

Published by Chad Ard

Author, Editor

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