Moving Right Along….

Between promoting, marketing, being unable to sleep, I am making progress on my next project.

The story which originated about 10 years ago and put in my own slush pile because of, well, didn’t have time to write, is in many ways writing itself.

A lot of my projects feel that way because I do often plot the story and develop characters in drafts and notes and will do my research, (45 y/o anx still doing homework.)

I read the story every night to my wife. And to have her approval is the best critique. The first draft, I read her the beginning paragraphs and she cried, so I must be on go something…

I’m about 30 pages in. It’s a story within a story, a romance, drama, sexuality, and how the world has changed so dramatically from 20 years ago to today.

But it is hectic at times. I am learning more about self publishing and planning and marketing, so when I am finished with this project I will be ready to roll. Something I regret with not doing with my last project.

Otherwise, I hope all is well…. Much love and respect to all of you… Chad

Published by Chad Ard

Author, Editor

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