And here we go…..Lessons learned, and still learning about self-publishing, and self-promotion.

Well, I have learned a lot from self-publishing my first book to Kindle. One: never rush to get it online. I learned after I published the EBook and downloading the contents I noticed several spacing errors and other technical issues I hadn’t noticed when formatting it on KDP Create. So I’ve been busy attempting to work on those issues, by removing the book off the site and republishing. However, I still have not seen the changes from my copy which Amazon FAQ states may take up to 72 hours. Then it also states if you changed the content you have to inform Amazon to send an update to any customer who has downloaded the book so I’ve done that too.

I am learning as I go, basically. I have been also learning the process of self-promoting. Having worked as a talent coordinator in the past and using various social media platforms, I know my way around those sites and hashtags etc. I’ve also connected with many other authors on Twitter and love being a part of this community; social media is only one step of the promoting process.

I’ve created this blog here on Word Press. And I like how easy it is to use, and it’s user-friendly, and the cost isn’t too much, especially if you are just getting started and have several works in progress that eventually I hope to publish and having this up and running and establishing myself online is getting ahead of the game.

I’ve also invested in ProWritingAid, an editing platform to help me as I write to aid in editing. I haven’t used it yet, but plan to use it soon.

I’ve also found this interesting site that suggests great ways to aid in promoting your book. Most I have used have been free, but I may end up using a paid for promotion, most likely with Whizbuzz.

One thing I’ve learned is that paying for advertising through sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, is that they offer exposure, but in most cases will lead to “likes” and “retweets”, but not to actual clicks on the link to the book you’re promoting. So those are platforms I won’t use again as far as paid advertisements.

And because I’ve still not decided whether I will continue the self-publishing route versus the traditional route I’ve renewed my subscription to the Writer’s Market.

Out of the three most popular social media sites, I have found Twitter’s #writerscommunity to be the best of the best. Facebook just has too many bots and I don’t really find it useful. Instagram is still a good way to promote, but I suggest creating images using platforms such as PicsArt and other tools that create visceral images that will appeal to casual scrollers.

So I’m learning these lessons as I go, and I hope it will prepare me for my next few projects.

Much love and respect to all of you in the Writing Community for all the support and inspiration to keep writing..CMA

Published by Chad Ard

Author, Editor

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