Just Relax Take it Easy… EDIT, EDIT AGAIN, AND AGAIN…

Self-publishing, for the most part, is not as difficult as it had been in the past. Kindle actually makes the process very easy. Even so, that doesn’t mean what you have written is ready to go, so relax is a lesson I’m learning and figured I’d pass this tip along.

Now, I know I’ve read this somewhere, and I don’t know who said it but I’ll put it in quotes anyway: “Don’t worry about getting it right, worry about getting it written.” Now that’s true for the most part in the early stages, but at some point, you do have to worry about getting it right. And that part, especially after you have written 200 pages, and read, and re-read, it is very easy for whatever document program you are using to overlook mistakes, and I can tell you that it’s usually the smallest of details like homonyms or dialogue quotations, you know simple stuff. And it will drive you mad!

But relax….It can wait until it’s ready. I was in a rush to publish my book, believing I had ironed out all the mistakes until I published it and began reading and that although I had fixed many issues over the last 15 years, there were errors just yelling out to me: “Stop everything you are doing and fix this NOW!

So that’s what I’ve been doing most of yesterday and today is fixing those issues. And then I ran into another issue: formatting. I realized when I self-published from my Word document onto Kindle, there were spacing issues. I have had to go back and correct those and have learned not to trust the program to get it right, but trust myself to proof-read and fix those errors.

Creating the Kindle EBook manuscript isn’t too difficult because of the KDP Create add-on that will set up most of the file for you. It too can be problematic, so go through every page when you review, not just the first couple.

The paperback, on the other hand, caused the most issues, setting up margins, trim, gutter, WTF man, just let me do this so I can have some alone time with my wife!

But trust me, you can attempt to download a template, but I promise you when you get ready to format your book to self-publish, go here and follow the instructions carefully: https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/help/topic/G202145400

No lie, this made my life so much easier and in the future, if I decide to keep pursuing self-publishing rather than approach agents and publishers, these last few days have been crazy, insane, and aggravating, but as I push harder to get it right, hopefully, as close to perfection as possible, this experience has enlightened me and I hope those that read this will be enlightened too.

Well, so that’s done, I can now begin focusing on my next project.

BTW: watched “Uncle Drew” last night with my wife, loved it.

Much love and respect to everyone…You keep me inspired and I hope I do the same for you. Keep writing! CMA

Published by Chad Ard

Author, Editor

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