Couldn’t Sleep…Too Busy Writing My Next Project–in my mind…

For starters, the last few days have been friggin cold, and then last night it warmed up so my wife and I couldn’t get comfortable. We did watch the newest episode of True Detective Season 3 ep: 5. It was filmed mostly here in NWA. I remember seeing the catering trucks and Star Trailers in town. I’m loving the series, and the acting and dialogue are amazing. I’m very intrigued by the plot and well, it’s something decent to watch until the final season of Game of Thrones comes back in April…

But where was I? So it was too hot in our bedroom. I tossed and turned, and found myself fixated on my next (several) writing projects. I was working out plot lines and character development, and finally, at some point, I passed out.

My first project this morning was to make an update to my new Ebook, “Forever Striking a Crucified Pose”. After publishing it, I started reading through it and realized that when I utilized the Kindle Create Software it created spacing problems that didn’t exist in my final draft. So I woke up, started coffee, and went outside (the weather is actually very nice today) to finish that. I went back inside to make coffee I had started earlier and noticed that I had instead only made boiling water having forgotten to put in the coffee grounds. So, yeah, I didn’t sleep well. However, I did manage to finish the post-editing on my book and uploaded it back to Kindle (which could take up to 72 hours to be reviewed). I don’t think it will take that long. My printed proof of the book should be arriving in the mail today and I’m sure I’ll have some issues with it. I’m still learning the processes of self-publishing, and I’m not too hard on myself because I realized from the outset I’d probably make a few mistakes.

However, with that said, I am still trying to settle on which project to begin next…I have several ideas in mind. One is a novella. I have a novel I could be finishing and a few short stories I’ve started I could be working on. Even so, this poses a conundrum, I am happy that I have multiple ideas and projects, and I know when I finally settle on one it will move pretty fast, because I’ve already played the stories out in my head, when I can’t sleep, in my dreams, and when I’m walking through the store grocery shopping…

So maybe instead of waking up and starting coffee, I should probably set the coffee maker up before going to bed, that way I can prevent this from happening again. I hope all is well….Much love and respect to all of you. CMA

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