Super Bowl? I’m Busy Working On My Next Project…

The big game. The big dance. Don’t get me wrong, I love football. I have several fond memories of going to several games and even to Super Bowl XLV in Dallas. My brother and me had season tickets back in the day to see the Saint’s of New Orleans, and would drive 10 hours one way, watch the game, which last’s normally around 3 hours and drive 10 hours back. And each and every time on the way home we’d swear we’d never do that again–but we would, the very next home game.

But, now that I’ve self-published my book Forever Striking a Crucified Pose on Amazon, and have spent the last few days promoting it on Twitter, FB, and Instagram, it’s time to get back at it. The main reason for publishing these stories as I mentioned in an earlier post, is that I had written them over the last 15 years, and it seems like anytime I wanted to start something else, I’d fixate on the fact that I haven’t published the one’s I had written, and I had re-read, edited, re-read, edited some more, (and it appears when formatting it using Amazon Create there may have been some mistakes in the final cut, that I will have to fix), I was satisfied, more than satisfied, with those stories and wanted an outlet in which to share them that didn’t mean spending lots of time searching through and looking for suitable publishers in which to send these works (and I have done this and it has times been successful, but most of the time–rejection). Oh well….

So, I don’t have football on the brain, and obviously I will hear all about it before, during and after the game through Push Notifications. What I am fixated on; however, is which project to start next. I have several ideas in mind, even a novel in which I’ve written over 200 pages. But I cannot lie that I have been contemplating more script writing. I have written three screenplays, had some interest in one, but eventually fell through, but I love the idea of writing screenplays, and even more fascinated by seeing something I’ve created come to life on the big or small screen.

Also, screenwriting, normally around 80 Pages is your aim, or in other words, one page is the equivalent of one minute of screen time. Most of it is dialogue and interior or exterior descriptions…etc.

Nevertheless, I think my next project will be a novella, it’s a story I’ve had in mind for sometime and have written some drafts. It’s a romance, and begins in “96 and takes place in New Orleans. It too, may be a book I decide to self-publish maybe within the next couple of months. I haven’t yet decided if I like the self-publishing route vs. the traditional, find a publisher/agent route. Forever Striking a Crucified Pose will be a lesson learned, as far as that goes, and hopefully a good lesson.

So, I’ll from time to time promote on social media, but that can be so time consuming, but I love connecting with so many writers like me, and seeing what they have in the works or have finished, and I hope to maintain those relationships. And I will attempt to update this blog often, maybe daily on progress of what I’m working on, or whatever comes to mind. Thanks so much for the recent follows and visits to this page. Much respect and love to all of you…..CMA

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