Forever Striking a Crucified Pose (recently self-published) and the journey it took to get here.

So, it’s taken about 15 years to finally get around to it, after debating with myself about taking the old fashioned route of attempting to find publishers to publish my stories (and I did send several query letters over the years). I did manage to get several op/eds published and a poem in The Finger and a few positive responses to a screenplay I had written, I found my self focused on these stories when I want to focus on new stories. So after a heart attack in February and resigning from my work in the non-profit sector, I decided to self-publish on Amazon. Although, I do not know how well the book will do, or if anyone will purchase it, I’m just very happy to no longer have these stories sitting stored on a documents file on my computer collecting dust metaphorically speaking. And maybe, just maybe, someone will read it and I hope find something within the pages inspiring, but either way, I’m just happy to be able to share it with the world. CMA

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